As the cold weather approaches Michigan, homeowners start to think about their heating system. Thinking back to last winter season…was my furnace heating my home well enough? Did I replace the filter last Spring? And ultimately, should I call someone for a furnace tune up? The answer to the last question should be YES! Heating preventive maintenance allows you to make sure that your furnace is ready for the cold winter. And it’s best to do so sooner than later. Don’t wait for the unpredictable Michigan weather to bring the cold leaving you with a furnace that won’t start up when you need it most.

Why Should I Tune Up My Furnace

Regular heating preventative maintenance is the best way to proactively avoid furnace issues and enable your unit to run at peak performance. Not only can it can help you avoid a furnace failure in severe cold weather, but it can also save energy consumption and reduce excessive utility bills. Atlas Heating & Cooling can prepare and clean your heating system to provide peace of mind for your family during the frigid Michigan winters.

Consider the Following Furnace Tune Up Benefits

  • Improve heating system efficiency
  • Increase equipment lifespan and prolong your investment
  • Reduce unexpected issues and need for costly repairs
  • Minimize possibility of needing major repair
  • Save on energy and reduce utility bills
  • Promote a healthier and safer environment

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Cleaned?

Atlas Heating & Cooling recommends having your furnace cleaned and checked up by a professional HVAC contractor at least once per year. Proactively maintaining your heating system will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a smooth running machine and avoid an emergency no-heat call during a cold Michigan winter night. When it comes to timing, you may opt to have this performed during the spring or summer season to beat the rush. Although most homeowners schedule theirs as the Fall season approaches while it is top of mind. Getting on the schedule sooner than later is best as heating and cooling contractors in Michigan tend to book up fast once the cold weather settles in.