If your AC is not cooling your house adequately, it may be due to several reasons ranging from an easy fix to a problem that will need to be addressed by an AC technician.

Read below to learn about some common causes of your air conditioner not cooling effectively.

My AC Won’t Turn On At All

If your AC is not turning on at all, it could be a simple problem. The first thing you want to check is your thermostat to ensure it is on cool and set below the current room temperature. If the settings are correct, it is time to check your circuit breaker for a blown circuit or fuse. Reset your circuit breaker, if this does not help, you may want to replace the fuse. If your AC still won’t run, it is time to call a technician.

The Air Coming Out Of My AC And Vents Is Not Very Strong

If you feel like you have a weak flow of air coming from your vents, it may be due to your air filter. First, check that all your vents are properly opened, if they are, then it is time to check your AC filter. If the filter is dirty, this may be blocking airflow. Clean or replace your air filter. If replacing the air filter does not help the situation, you may have a blockage in your ductwork. You will want to inspect or have your ductwork inspected to make sure there is no disconnection or crimping in the ducts.

My AC Cycles On And Off Quickly Not Cooling Effectively

The reason you may feel your home is not being cooled even though your thermostat is indicating that the temperature has dropped may be due to the humidity levels. If your AC is not working correctly, your home humidity levels will remain high, making your home feel warmer. First, check all your windows are shut properly. If your windows are closed tightly, you may have an AC system that is too big for your home. This results in air being cooled so fast that the air cannot be dehumidified properly. You may need to replace your system with a smaller-sized system.

My AC is On Constantly And Not Cooling Effectively

It is normal for an AC system to cycle on and off, as it is part of the process, however, if your AC’s compressor cycle is on a lot and your home is not cooling, it may be a sign that your compressor needs testing. Have a professional AC technician test your compressor.

My AC On Cycle Is Very Short And Not Cooling Effectively

There may be many reasons for your AC cycle not staying on long enough to cool your home. This may be due to a thermostat that is obstructed, refrigerant leaking, a cooling system that is too large, or iced coils. Checking that your thermostat is not obstructed should be your first step. If you can’t see anything there, go to the outside unit to check nothing is excessively dirty or bent. If you can see something causing an obstruction, then it may need to be replaced or repaired. Check your air filter to ensure it does not have excessive build-up. If it is dirty, clean or replace it. If you don’t feel the short AC cycle is due to any of the above causes, then you may want to contact a technician to check your refrigerant levels.

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